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By using, purchasing from or listing on this website you understand and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions laid out herein.

Artist Website Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions set forth herein, apply to all artist website orders placed on this website.  Any occurrences of the terms “ArtWebsite”, ArtWebsite.uk”, “our”, “we”, ”us”, “site” and “this website”, refers to ArtWebsite.uk.  This website is owned and operated by Ecommerce Websites Ltd (Company Number: 10424417). T/A Website Systems

By placing an order on this website (or by ordering our services via a third party website), you agree to and fully accept these terms and conditions.   By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are also agreeing to the terms and conditions set our in our privacy policy.   Your statutory rights are not affected by any of these terms.  Once we have received an order from you and can confirm payment, we have accepted your order and enter into a contract with you to supply you with your chosen service.  Your contract for supply is with Ecommerce Websites Ltd (Company Number: 10424417)  Payments made via PayPal or Sage Pay will reference WebsiteSystems or DStubbs Sales respectively.


Here at ArtWebsite.uk we absolutely love our original art and sell selected artworks online from some of the finest living artists in the UK.    Our main specialty however is setting up fully functional, e-commerce websites for artists, allowing them to easily list and sell their artwork online on their very own website with 0% commission.

ArtWebsite.uk can set you up a very similar website to to the one you're currently using.  A nicely designed website that is easy to use for you and easy to use for your customers.   Take payments online by PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cheque or even process credit cards and debit cards online or over the phone with SagePay.  Our system automatically updates your stock quantity after an online purchase - If a painting sells, it changes to SOLD - No longer available.   We give you an easy to use admin system, all online, simply login to add or edit your website or artwork.  You can instantly update prices, put special offers on, create time-critical coupons for your customers and much more. You will also get a new email address sales@...  where your order confirmation e-mails will be sent.  We will also setup e-mail forwarding to your usual e-mail address too, to help make life a little easier for you. 

We charge a one-off setup fee to get your website the way you like it (Excluding adding your Artwork).  We'll then wait for you to approve the website and upload your artwork before we submit it to Google, Yahoo and Bing, including sitemap submittal.  We then charge a simple, low cost, monthly hosting fee to keep your new website and admin systems live, payable by PayPal Subscription, or monthly standing order, or you can pay for your hosting yearly by credit or debit card.     After your setup costs, your monthly hosting fee is all you will pay.  At the end of the day, it's your website, you own your domain name and you pay 0% commission on all sales through your own website!

Website Setup Timeframes

Most system setups are completed within 48 hours after receiving your order.  However, we may take up to 72 hours at busy periods.   Once we receive your order, we will e-mail you to verify the domain name you would like to use for your new website, and will proceed with setting up your new website system.

Once fully setup and activated, we will e-mail you your login data for your website system where you can start adding your products.  You will also have access to a separate secured system for your email address(es).  We can also setup e-mail redirects to copy all e-mails to your usual e-mail address.   Unlimited e-mail accounts are included with all website systems and once setup, can be accessed via the secure web-mail system.    

Website Errors

If we have made an error on the website and a service has been priced incorrectly, either directly or via a special offer promotion, we reserve the right to cancel your order before we accept it.     In these circumstances, we will notify you by e-mail of the correct price for the service you have ordered and you will have the option to either pay the difference, or cancel your order and receive a full refund.

Pricing and VAT

All the prices on this website are fully inclusive of any applicable VAT.  We reserve the right to adjust our prices at any time and without prior notice, for new customers, however, monthly hosting fees are set at the time you order your website and will not increase over time.   Currently, no VAT is applicable on any sales generated through this website as we are not currently VAT registered.  This is currently due to trading under the VAT threshold.  At this time, order totals do not include VAT, no VAT is charged on any items sold on this website.  We will provide an invoice for you’re order, however it will not be a VAT invoice.   Please do not request a VAT invoice, because one cannot be provided.     Our VAT status may change in the future and without notification.

Monthly Hosting Fees

All of our website setups incur a one-off setup fee (Varies), and a monthly hosting fee (Varies).  Once you have purchased a website system from us, and paid the initial setup fee, there will be several options available to you to pay the monthly hosting fees for your website.    We can process a monthly / quarterly / annual subscription fee via PayPal, or you can setup a monthly standing order with your Bank and pay us directly.  Alternatively, we can process an annual hosting fee, every year over the phone with a Credit or Debit Card.    Options are also available to pre-pay your hosting fees upfront for up to 10 years in advance, with big discounts available on our long term pre-pay hosting packages.

We reserve the right to adjust our setup fees and/or monthly hosting fees for new customers at any time and without prior notice.   Existing customers however, will benefit from our guaranteed fixed monthly hosting fees, for the life of their website.  The monthly hosting fees are set at the time of your order and will not increase over time. We guarantee this.


Your website will be hosted on our secure, super-fast, ultra reliable Apache servers, with our 99.9% up-time guarantee.   Our servers use Solid State Drives (SSD), meaning that there are no moving parts, just microchips, making our servers lightening fast and ultra reliable.  We are confident you will love the speed and smoothness of your website.   Linux servers are also a lot less susceptible to viruses and malicious software, than other traditional servers, so you can rest assured your site should be safe.

If for some reason, we experience issues with our continuity of service and you experience problems with accessing your website, admin area or e-mails you agree not to hold us financially responsible for any loss of income that you may incur.  We promise to get any hosting issues sorted out as quickly as possible to reduce the impact to your website.

Our server up-time is 99.9%.  Effectively this means that your website and associated admin systems and e-mail could be inaccessible on extremely rare occasions.  Should an instance occur, please rest assured we will know about the issue and will be working as fast as we can to resolve the issue.  Your website and associated systems will be back online and fully functioning as quickly as possible.

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason, you are unhappy with the website system or hosting packages we provide, you can cancel your services at anytime within the first 14 days, and we’ll give you a full refund, we can’t say fairer than that!    Simply e-mail us as terminations@artwebsite.uk and tell us what we did wrong, and we’ll give you a full refund, guaranteed.

Account Suspensions

Your account may be suspended if your monthly hosting fees are not received on time.   If you run behind in your scheduled monthly hosting fee payments, we will contact you to make payment.   If you do not settle your hosting fees within a reasonable time frame or multiple requests for payment have gone unanswered, then we may temporarily suspend your account.    Please do not worry; no website data will be lost during this suspension, although your website will not be accessible to anyone so you may lose out on sales.  Furthermore, you will not be able to login to your website admin system, e-mails, or e-mail control panel.   If this has happened to your website, please contact us at suspensions@artwebsite.uk  Once your account has been brought up to date, the suspension will be immediately lifted and your website and associated systems will be working again as they should.     Under circumstances of non-payment we will always give you 7 days forewarning before your account is suspended, and we will contact you again when your account has gone into suspension.   If your account has been in suspension for over a year, without you making any contact, we may terminate your website system permanently and your system data will be lost forever.    Other reasons for account suspensions may include but are not limited to, selling of illegal products and suspected fraudulent activity, in either of these two cases, you may be given no warning that your account will be suspended, as such cases require more immediate action to be taken.

Account Terminations

If you are unhappy with the website system for any reason and would like to cancel your order within the first 14 days, please contact us at terminations@artwebsite.uk    You will receive a full refund.

For general terminations, you are completely free to terminate your contract with us whenever you like.   We don't ask for 30 days notice, like some unscrupulous providers.   Simply send us an e-mail to terminations@artwebsite.uk and once we have confirmed your request, you won't have to pay us a single penny more.    We will cancel your contract with immediate effect.  Please be aware that your hosting package or hosted website will cease to work from this moment and all data will be lost, so please ensure any data you want to keep, is transferred or backed up before you ask us to terminate your account.  Your account will be deleted and no copies of your website data will be kept.

Should we in our sole discretion decide to terminate your account, we reserve the right to do so.  We will try to give you at least 3 months prior-warning of any such discontinuing of our services.  However, in extremely rare circumstances this may not be possible.  Should our services to you cease abruptly and without prior warning or notification, you agree not to hold us liable in any way for any loss of data, functionality, ranking position in search engines, or hosting services, and you agree not to hold us responsible or liable for any losses or consequential losses that you occur as a direct result of such a loss of service including but not limited to loss of website, loss of website traffic, loss of website indexing on search engines, loss of income from any potential lost sales. 

Fraudulent or illegal Activities

Your account may be suspended and then terminated with no forewarning, if we suspect you to be engaged in the selling of illegal products or other illegal activities or involved in suspected fraudulent activity or money laundering activities. In any of these cases, you may be given no forewarning that your account will be suspended, as such cases require more immediate action to be taken by us.  In these circumstances we reserve the right to terminate your account, and no refunds will be given in these circumstances.

Online Payments

We accept payments by PayPal.  We also accept debit and credit cards via SagePay.

All transactions are carried out on 3rd party SagePay or PayPal Servers.  These servers are fully SSL secure, so please rest assured, your personal banking details will be 100% secure.   You will be taken offsite briefly at the final stage of checkout, so that your order can be processed securely by our payment partners.    This is completely normal and a lot of online retailers choose this option of 3rd party offsite payment processing.  It is a lot safer and easier to implement on the website.   We do not carry out any transactions on our website directly.   Once your payment has been approved, you will automatically be re-directed back to ArtWebsite.uk for your order confirmation.   You will also receive an e-mail confirmation almost immediately after placing your order.  We will then contact you within 24 hours by e-mail to arrange your new services.    


The eCommerce systems we provide are based on free to use open source eCommerce platforms that have been released under the GNU General Public License.   

You agree to print out and read a copy of the GNU General Public License. 

You understand that you are paying for the setup and hosting services provided by us, and not for the actual free eCommerce platform that we use to create your website.

No Warranty

You understand and agree that because the artist website systems that are setup and hosted via this website are based upon free, open source ecommerce platforms that there is no warranty for any of the platforms, to the extent permitted by applicable law.   The platforms are provided on an "as is" basis and without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the program (website and admin system) lies with you, should the program prove defective, you agree to assume the cost of all necessary servicing, repair, correction or re-building costs of your website should something go wrong.

In no event unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing will we be liable to you for any damages, including any general, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use or access your website or admin system or programs  (including but not limited to loss of data or data being rendered inaccurate or losses sustained by you or third parties or a failure of the program to operate with any other programs).

You agree not to hold us liable in any way for any loss of data, functionality, ranking position in search engines, or hosting services, and you agree not to hold us responsible or liable for any losses or consequential losses that you occur as a direct result of such a loss of service including but not limited to loss of website, loss of website traffic, loss of website indexing on search engines, loss of income from any potential lost sales. 

General Terms and Conditions for Purchasing or Selling Artwork on this website

All artwork sold on this website is owned entirely by, and remains the sole property of the Artist who created it, until such a time as the artwork is sold on this website.  As an artist you agree that any artwork listed on this website, shall be exclusively listed on this website and not listed for sale in any other platform, including but not limited to the artist's own website. As an artist you agree not to include any contact information within your listings.  For example.  Contact Telephone number, Address, E-mail address or Website Link.

When a piece of artwork is sold on this website, the artist to whom the artwork belongs agrees to drop ship the artwork to the buyer, fully tracked and insured for the full sale price.  The dispatch time should be within 2 working days of notification of the artwork being sold.  The sale price of your artwork will be fully inclusive of any applicable VAT and include full delivery costs to the buyer.   At no time do ArtWebsite.uk own any of the artworks sold on this website by third party sellers.  The buyer and seller both understand and agree that ArtWebsite.uk take no part in handling any artwork sold on this website by third party sellers, except in instances where more than 1 artwork has been ordered from multiple sellers for international shipment.  In cases such as these we will ask the sellers to deliver their artwork to us, and we will dispatch the entire consignment to the buyer. 

We act as an intermediary for payment.  When an artwork is sold on this website, we may take payment from the buyer by PayPal, debit or credit card or by bank transfer.  Our commission rate is 25% on all artwork sold via this website.  The artist is solely responsible for any VAT owed on any artwork sold, should they be VAT registered.   Please take these figures into account, as well as UK delivery costs when pricing your artwork to sell on ArtWebsite.uk.  

We do offer international delivery on all artwork sold on this website.  International buyers are allowed to purchase up to 3 artworks at a time for a one-off delivery cost of £49.99.  In instances of international delivery of a single piece or multiple pieces of artwork by the same artist, the artist will still be fully responsible and agrees to drop ship the artwork to the buyer, fully tracked and insured for the full sale price to the buyers destination country.   We charge the buyer an additional postage flat rate postage fee of £49.99 on international deliveries.  Artists will be paid an additional fee of up to £49.99 to cover their cost of postage for international deliveries.

In cases of international delivery of multiple artworks by different artists, the artist will still be fully responsible and agrees to drop ship the artwork directly to ArtWebsite.uk, fully tracked and insured for the full sale price.  Once all artwork is safely with us, we will dispatch the entire consignment to the buyer.  No international postage fees will be passed to the artists in this case.

Should any instances of credit or debit card chargebacks, or PayPal chargebacks occur for any reason on artwebsite.uk, the artist to whom the artwork originally belonged to agrees to be fully responsible for refunding us the full chargeback value of the artwork sold.

When an artwork sells on ArtWebsite.uk, we will forward the order confirmation e-mail to the artist in question.   This e-mail will contain the Buyer's Address Details for delivery.  As an artist, you agree not to contact the buyer of the painting directly by any means, all communication with the buyer must be from ArtWebsite.uk

As soon as we have confirmed successful delivery of the artwork to our customer we will send you immediate payment by PayPal or Bank Transfer.   This payment will be for the full value of the item sold minus our 25% commission, plus any international delivery expenses due.  Remember, you are solely responsible for paying any VAT on any artwork sold, if you are VAT registered.  As the artist you agree to forward us your VAT registration numbers for a sale, should the buyer request a VAT invoice.  All the prices for artwork displayed on this website are fully inclusive of any applicable VAT. 

Postage & Delivery of Artwork

Your chosen artwork will be carefully wrapped by the artist and packaged in a strong cardboard box.  The usual delivery time for artwork within the UK is 3-4 working days.  If you have not received your order after 7 days, please contact us.   International Deliveries, could take between 7 and 21 days.


As a buyer you will have 14 days to cancel your purchase and return any artwork to us for a full refund.   The artwork must be packaged well, and returned in an undamaged state.  The buyer agrees to be fully responsible for all return postage costs, in all circumstances except where the artwork sent is incorrect or has sustained damage during transit.  In this instance the artist will be responsible for paying for the return postage costs of the artwork to be returned.   As the buyer, you understand and agree that should you return the artwork to us in a damaged state that you will not be refunded in any way whatsoever.   Damaged Artwork has a value of £0.  You agree to this term. 

If as the buyer, you are returning the item because it has sustained damaged in transit, you must have photographic evidence of this damage, before arranging to return the item.  We will need these to claim compensation from the couriers, so that we can issue your full refund in a timely fashion.

As the seller, you agree to accept returns of any artwork sold on this website if the buyer wants to cancel their order and return the artwork for any reason within 14 days, you further agree to be fully responsible for return postage costs of the buyer in instances where the buyer receives the incorrect artwork or where the artwork arrive in a damaged state.

Listing Errors

Should an artwork be sold on this website that is no longer available and the artist cannot fulfill the order, the order will be refunded in full and any contract voided. Both the artist and end customer fully understand and agree to this term.

All the content on this website, including all text and images are copyright ArtWebiste.uk.   We reserve the right to update, change or modify any part of this website including our prices without prior notice.   You may download, view, and print a single copy of any of the content on this site for personal use only. Any of the above actions performed for commercial use are strictly prohibited. Any unauthorised sales, distributions, transfers, reproductions, publications, modifications or preparations of derivative works are strictly prohibited. Modification or copying of any HTML or source code is strictly prohibited.

Contacting Us

You can contact us by e-mail, telephone or by post.   

Our e-mail address is sales@artwebsite.uk

Our telephone number is (01400) 250 940.   (Standard UK Landline, Standard Call Charges will apply)

Please see the Contact Us page on this website for our full contact details.  

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